Top 7 East Coast Christmas Songs (+ 2 Bonus Songs)

East Coast Christmas Songs - David Myles

Well it’s December 23rd so we thought that we’d put together a little list of some East Coast Christmas songs. Check out our list and the videos below and let us know what you think!

7) Kim Stockwood – It’s A Marshmallow World

6) The Trews – Coming Home

5) Shanneyganock – Christmas Time In Newfoundland

4) Jimmy Rankin – Boogie Woogie Christmas

3) Sean McCann – Merry Christmas Everyone

2) Joel Plaskett – Jesus Christ It’s Christmas Again

1) David Myles – Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo

These guys aren’t from the East Coast, but they are Canadian and we wanted to throw in this great Canadiana Christmas Song as a bonus – 12 Days of Christmas by Bob & Doug McKenzie

And for anyone that thought we might not include a Christmas Classic, here is Nova Scotia’s Anne Murray singing Winter Wonderland!

We hope you enjoyed the list. Let us know what your favorite East Coast Christmas songs are!

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  1. Simani – The Mummer’s Song

    By far the best Christmas song ever!!!

    “Don’t seem like Christmas if the Mummer’s aren’t here”,
    Granny would say as she’d knit in her chair,
    Things have gone modern, s’pose that’s the cause,
    Christmas is not like it was.

    **knock knock knock**. Any Mummer’s ‘llowed in?
    If you have never heard it, I suggest you look it up on YouTube! Sit down with a drink and enjoy the chuckle as the story is told. traditional Newfoundland Christmas song.

    Merry Christmas to all!

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