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Frankie MacDonald Nova Scotia

Frankie MacDonald is a Canadian amateur weatherman from the Whitney Pier area of Sydney, Nova Scotia.  MacDonald, who has autism, is known for his YouTube videos of weather forecasts he creates after monitoring weather on his television and computer.  Frankie has over 56,000 subscribers and well over 13,500,00 views on his YouTube Channel Dogs and Wolves.  He also has over 30,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 34,000 likes on Facebook.

Frankie MacDonald Be Prepared1) How did you get started with posting videos on youtube and social media?

I started doing YouTube videos back on December 27, 2007.  I did my YouTube videos as a scenery.  I did my very first YouTube video of myself on December 16, 2009.  My very first video that went viral and got over 600,000 views was in June of 2010.  My ‘Severe Earthquake Warning for California’ in September 2010 video also made it to tosh.o.

2) When did you start becoming fascinated with the weather?

When I was a little boy I wanted to grow up to be the weatherman.  I watched the weather network and first studied the weather models such as NOGAPS in 2007 before I started my YouTube videos.

3) If you had the opportunity to meet any celebrity in the world who would you like to meet?

The celebrity I want to meet the most is Sidney Crosby of Cole Harbour. I would also like to meet Wayne Gretzky and Daniel Alfredsson and some movie stars such as Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton and Chris St. Clair from Chris St Clair – The Weather Network.

4) What has been a highlight in your YouTube career so far?

The highlight for my YouTube career is when I do my weather reports and warn people to get them prepared for the big snowstorms, hurricanes, ice storms, heatwaves, rain storms, typhoons in Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and Guam and I will also get people prepared for major storms all across Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and the rest of the world. I also do my dancing videos and my own comedy show like ‘A Guy Tries to Eat 50 Hot Dogs at Once’ and ‘Raining Tacos’.

5) As a child did you have a dream job that you thought you might like to do one day?

My dream job as a boy was to be a big celebrity and the weatherman.  I will warn people to get them prepared for the major storms all over the whole world.

6) Aside from the weather and your videos, do you have any other hobbies or interests?

I do a lot of walking, I watch hockey games in the winter time and I watch baseball games in the summer time.  I like to take pictures of cruise ships too.

7) Have you had the chance to travel? If so where is your favourite place to go?

My favourite places I will go to are Punta Cana, Florida, Cancun, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Wisconsin, Winnipeg Manitoba, St. Louis Missouri, California, Washington State, Eastern United States and Texas and Ontario.

8) What is your favourite meal to eat?

My favourite meal to eat is Pizza and Chinese Food like I say in my weather reports on YouTube.

9) What is your favourite band or musician?

My favourite bands are Presidents of the United States of America, Tom Petty and Aerosmith.

10) Have you had any strange experiences while making your videos?

When I first started do my weather reports on my first video camera I had to use the cassette and a Firewire to Import my Videos back in the year 2009.  Now today I do not have strange experiences to do my videos since I use my SD card now.

11) What has been your most popular video to date?

My most popular video up to date is ‘Major Storm to Hit South Dakota‘ on Friday October 4, 2013 which got well over 465,000 views total.

12) Where would you like to see Frankie MacDonald in the next 5 years?

Frankie Says Be Prepared t-shirts from the Lost Cod Clothing Company are already being made and Bobbleheads Canada up in Richmond Hill, Ontario is making Frankie MacDonald Bobbleheads that will be done soon enough.  Frankie MacDonald action figures and dolls are in development and will be available online soon enough.

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